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Platforms and Tools

  • NFTz

    NFTz.me is an NFT Platform built on the DeSo Blockchain. With support for 3D NFTs and VR. By @mvanhalen @Krassenstein @MuchaSats and @NFTvanHalen.

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  • Astronation

    The simulation engine of the Metaverse.

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  • Desonity

    Deso + Unity = Desonity - A Deso SDK for the Unity Game Engine GItHub : github.com/desonity/desonity Docs : desonity.github.io/docs by @weeblet >_<

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  • ECOE

    Ken Stewart, Founder, ECOE™ Texas 🇺🇸 (from Van BC 🇨🇦) Home of Your VR 3D Universe Pin📌Post👉 clout.link/v3ucf00 ⬇️READ⬇️3D VR Bio-history I bring vast experience to DeSo, & the 3D Virtual Reality Universe of Worlds I've put over 50,000 hours into building. 💎I'm giving it to all on DeSo. "ECOE" is 1 of my companies 👉 Every Child On Earth, LLC I'm a Developer, Editor, Trainer, Investor, Networker, Crypto Advocate, a Grandfather, Inventor + more, I've done a lot & been online since the DOS days of the Arpanet when we all sent a Fax waiting on the future of email (early Internet, pre Windows). I became a Master Builder in 3D VR in 2000 to open a 3D VR Universe housing multiple Worlds, & in 2001 launched my own Web hosting & ISP company with over 180,000 dialup numbers (more than AOL & MSN combined). My focus now is DeSo & giving to all here what I built in the 3D VR Universe... _ We do NOT need "goggles" to inhabit the Avatars, & can run, dance, walk, fly, play & slap a High 5 to passersby. Every Node/App Dev Team can receive their own Custom 3D World & Logo Branded download to drop users directly into their 3D World, & unlimited NFTs can be loaded in the Art Galleries open to everyone walking around, all at zero cost, all 100% free. You can build a dream home, & choose the DeSo Tower you want your Executive 3D Office to be in. Open a full Store in a strip mall on a street, setup in a Shop or Kiosk in the DeSo Mall already built, & watch shoppers arrive via the Monorail that runs through it with an on/off boarding station in the middle. For more detail about your 3D Realm & its Launch, observe the📌Pined post on my wall (use DeSoFy App to see Pined Posts), follow & watch for news & updates I send out. NOTE: ❓If you can NOT see a📌Pined Post, you're using an App that doesn't support it. Use DeSoFy, or... Click for 3D👉 clout.link/v3ucf00 DeSo Long🖖And Prosper™ 💎 See VR 3D 👉 #ecoe3d Copyright © 2022 ECOE™ Every Child On Earth, LLC All Rights Reserved

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  • GDvirtualgalleries

    Toronto Based Celebrity, Vogue Italia published photographer currently building 3D Virtual Experience for Retail, NFTs, Music, Celebrity, Mental Health, Fashion, Art industry and more. A better and more efficient way to onboard/educate new users about web3 and how these solutions can create ways of revenue while offering a whole new mind blowing user experience. Check our Dao: daodao.io/d/GDvirtualgalleries?invite=RbhYjz75 Part of the first Octane Fund cohort projects. Part of the first @doodlesacademy cohort We built the 1st 3D virtual gallery on DeSo (bitclout) gabrieldisante.com OG April 10 2022 by @GDS 👽

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