3D Decentralized Social

Building Tech For The Open Metaverse

Metaverse platforms are set to take over the online world.

Do you want your immersive social experiences created and owned by Big Tech's Ad salesmen?

Open Metaverse experiences can be built by anyone - no app store, server farm or walled garden required.

The power to build and host immersive 3D worlds is in your hands.

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Case Study 1: NFTz Gamified Photography Exhibition Space

The example above was created in for and in collaboration with the team at NFTz - The most advanced Web 3 NFT marketplace with on-chain commissions, timed auctions and a free metaverse NFT gallery for all members.

This curated photography space on the NFTz marketplace displays a dynamic selection of the top photgraphy from the DeSo community.

Interactions include throwing hearts and diamonds in the 3D world to tip or like the social posts and NFTs

For some seaonal fun we added falling snow and physics for throwing snowballs at snowman targets.

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The Mission


Metaverse platforms are the ultimate social apps. Don't let big tech control your experience.

The Social Blockchain Solution

3D Decentralized Social

We build 3D environments and tools to enable you create and sell your own 3D metaverse-ready art and products.

The DeSo blockchain is the only one in existence purpose built for social media.

With close to zero gas fees, an open source codebase and a thriving developer community, the DeSo chain is the best choice for 3D social app development.

NFT auctions, creator coins and likes which pay currency are just some of the ways you can monetize your creative works with DeSo today.

3D NFT Minting


Build With Us


Would you like to create an immersive 3D experience?

We can help you..

  • Showcase your 3D models or 2D art
  • Sell immersive 3D NFTs from your own website
  • Create a 3D space for your community
  • Connect with the decentralised social community
  • Currency, sales, NFT minting and social APIs
  • Virtually free Blockchain features